Switches & Controllers

​Davies Craig have a number of controllers & switches to manage either an Electric Water Pump (EWP®), Electric Booster Pump (EBP), Electric Thermatic® Fan or a combination.

Depending on whether you want to have all your Davies Craig products fully controlled or a manual switch to operate your pump or fan(s), there are several options to choose from. You can also choose whether you want the temperature sensor to be immersed in the coolant or monitoring the temperature of he air in the radiator vanes, to decide when your pump or fan(s) operate. You can set the switching temperature to suit your engine. Running a petrol engine hotter tends to improve fuel economy, while running cooler improves power output a little.

Digital Controller

​The Digital Controller DC8002 is perfect for managing the full cooling system. It manages the flow of coolant from when you turn the ignition on, as your coolant gets closer to the temperature you have set for your vehicle, it manages the coolant flow rate by varying the speed of the pump to keep the temperature as close to the set temperature as possible, and then also continues to pump after shut down to avoid heat soak problems. It manages both the EWP pump and up to two electric fans.

This is suitable for 12v & 24v applications and also has a warning alarm for when the coolant gets either 10°C above the set temperature or under 40°C after 5 minutes from start up. It will also warn if there is a error in the pump or sensor and if the voltage supplied is either too high or too low. The latest model also comes with memory so every time you disconnect the power source the set temperature is retained. Full and detailed operating information for the digital controller can be found HERE


Thermatic Switch

A Thermatic switch senses when the coolant or air temp has reached the level you set and operates the fan, pump or both. With these switches the speed is not controlled and therefore always at maximum. There are two types of Thermatic switches, either mechanical or electronic.

Mechanical Thermatic Switch - PART No: 0400, 0401 & 0409 (12 & 24 VOLT)

The Mechanical Thermatic Switch is adjustable from 40° to 100°C (104° to 212°F). It is mounted near the radiator and the stainless steel probe fitted inside the radiator hose making contact with the coolant, or in the top hose with adaptor kit 0409. Once the coolant reaches set temperature the fan, pump or combination operate.

Electronic Thermatic Switch - PART No: 0444, 0445 & 0448 (12 & 24 VOLT)

The digital switch can be used to operate the EBP pumps, EWP pumps as well as all electric fans. It can either use an air temperature sensor (0444) or have the sensor in the coolant (0445 with ¼” NPT thread or 0448 with 1/8” NPT thread).

Fully adjustable from of 40ºC to 110ºC. The set temperature is simply set by pressing a single button, these can also run two fans, the second fan will start 10 seconds after the first. The switch has a digital readout of current temperature.

Digital Gauge Thermatic Switch - PART No: 0500 (12 & 24 VOLT)

​This switch has an attractive 52mm round LED digital display for mounting in the dashboard. It activates up to two fans, which can have independent set temperatures, and a pump when the coolant temperature reaches the set temperature. This can be operated with the air temperature sensor located in the radiator or by placing the sensor in the coolant (part number 0409 needed for this). This comes as standard in 12 volt configuration and requires 2 x 24v relays to change this to 24v configuration.



The Low Coolant Level Alarm has a sensor in the top hose which can immediately warn the driver of a drop in coolant level. With a loud audible alarm this can avoid any potential damage to the vehicle due to a low coolant situation, preventing engine over-heating and/or engine failure.

A separate audible alarm is vital because the normal temperature gauge can rise slowly during coolant loss from a split hose or damaged radiator. There’s also the possibility that due to coolant loss, the temperature sensor will be unable to measure the coolant temperature at all. The Low Coolant Level Alarm gives you protection from these situations by alerting you straight away and saving you an expensive repair job.

The alarm has three choices of audible alarm and can also be used to trigger an external alarm such as your vehicle horn or a light. It is easily fitted and is universal to all vehicles.