About Us

MAW Solutions Ltd was formed in 2001 as a small family business to specialise in supplying a range of engine cooling products, mainly electric water pumps, fans and associated parts. Specialising in a distinct area was important to us to ensure we could offer good old-fashioned service and have thorough knowledge of our product base. Over the years we have found that the Davies Craig range is superior to all others in terms of breadth and performance. We are always happy to discuss an application and offer friendly advice whilst ensuring our prices at least match those of our competitors.

Davies Craig is an Australian firm who introduced cooling fans to the demanding Australian market, and over the years have supplied many thousands of fans, including as original equipment to various car makers, including our own (sadly demised) TVR. Then around 20 years ago they developed an electric water pump, recognising that water pumps were the last main engine ancillary still working mechanically rather than electrically.   The range of pumps and applications has expanded since then and now some production cars are being fitted with electric water pumps.

The products we sell are designed to meet two basic needs: if your vehicle’s engine cooling system doesn’t work as well as it should, especially if it’s a classic vehicle built when traffic jams were less jammy, and when petrol burnt slower and cooler, they should offer a solution.  Or, if you are looking to release extra performance or economy from your engine, replacing an inefficient mechanical part with a more efficient electric part can be a very good idea.

The electric pump range is ideal for nearly all vehicles, from karts and motorbikes, through virtually any car, to small commercials. And the smallest pump in the range, the EBP23 booster pump, is also well suited to a variety of uses. We have sold them for use in boats, hovercraft, motor mowers, caravans, even solar panel water heating systems!

Have a look at the pumps, pump controllers and fans. If you have any questions about suitability, how to install, etc then please feel free to give us a call on 01273 493343.  

If you’d prefer to email, our address is info@mawsolutions.com