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The benefits of installing an electric fan are considerable - it replaces a mechanical fan and saves much of the energy that the old fan absorbed, and so boosts available engine power, or fuel economy, or both.

Plus, the electric fan will be quieter (especially for the long periods when  it’s not running at all!), and it can carry on running after engine shutdown, to help overcome heatsoak problems.

Every car should have one!

All Davies Craig Thermatic® Electric Fans are now covered by their extended THREE YEAR written Warranty

Choosing a fan....

There is usually more than one option when selecting the right fan for your car. Within limits, the bigger the engine, the bigger the fan required. And the bigger the fan, the better - you will always have cooling capacity in hand, and a larger fan will simply run for shorter periods. The limiting factors are the size of radiator core area available, the depth of the mounting space, and on older cars the ability of the car's electrical system to provide the necessary current.

In general a single large fan is more efficient than two smaller ones, but sometimes the shape of a car’s radiator means that two smaller fans fit in where a single, large fan won't go! If you want to fit two fans but there isn’t quite room, consider fit them on opposite sides of the radiator, with one fan pushing and the other pulling. Or Alternatively use one of the dual fan mounting kits Part numbers 0422 1002 (12v) 1003 (24v)

Other important factors are the state of tune of the engine, and your driving habits. If, for example, the car spends much of its time in slow moving traffic, or perhaps towing a caravan, then a larger size of fan might be called for.

Why Davies Craig fans?

Davies Craig are an Australian company, and the first (over 40 years ago) to develop electric fans to meet the demanding cooling needs of vehicles in Australian summers. Their extensive research has shown that a six-bladed fan with straight blades, and incorporating a patented blade tip design, gives the optimum combination of efficient air movement and low noise. Various major motor manufacturers have fitted Davies Craig fans as original equipment over the years, mainly in the USA and Australia, due to their combination of excellent design, use of quality materials, and reliability and durability in service. As well as selling in a wide range of sizes, from 8-inch to 16-inch blades, the fans have some unique and valuable features. They are totally reversible, so that the same fan can be fitted either in front of the radiator ("upstream" installation) or between the radiator and the engine ("downstream"). They are designed to be mounted flush against the radiator, so that virtually all the air shifted by the fan moves through the radiator, rather than spilling around it. They are compatible with all electric fan controls, are suitable for both negative-earth and positive-earth systems, and come with a fixing kit including relay and wiring loom. The manufacturers advise that the whole range of fans will run (at half speed) on 6-volt vehicles. And, all Davies Craig fans are guaranteed for two years or 2000 hours use.

Fan Size Part No (12v/24v) Airflow Max Current Weight Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
8" Thermatic Fan 0135 / 0136 400 CFM 5.A (12 Volt)/ 2.4A (24 Volt) 0.88 kg (1.9 lb) 211 213 56
9" Thermatic Fan 0160 / 0161 591 CFM 6.5A (12 Volt)/ 3.25A (24 Volt) 0.93 kg (2 lb) 242 250 55
10" Slimline Thermatic Fan 0147 / 0148 696 CFM 7A (12 Volt)/ 3.5A (24 Volt) 1.13 kg (2.5lb) 278 275 56
10" High Power Thermatic Fan 0150 / 0151 1000 CFM 19A (12 Volt) / 10 (24 Volt) 1.5 kg (3.3lb) 278 275 84
11" Brushless Thermatic Fan 0120 / N/A 1050 CFM 11.0A (12 Volt) 2.2 kg (4.9lb) 315 305 98
12" Thermatic Fan 0162 / 0163 847 CFM 9A (12 Volt) / 4.5A (24 Volt) 1.45kg (3.2lb) 293 293 58
12" High Power Thermatic Fan 0155 / 0156 1250 CFM 22A (12 Volt) / 12A (24 Volt) 1.6kg (3.5lb) 293 293 86
14" Slimline Thermatic Fan 0164 / 0165 1021 CFM 11.0A (12 Volt) / 5.5 (24 Volt) 1.5 kg (3.3 lb) 350 348 76
14" Hi-Power Thermatic Fan 0107 / 0108 1500 CFM 13.0A (12 Volt) / 6.5 (24 Volt) 2.5kg (5.5lb) 350 348 94
16" Thermatic Fan 0166 / 0172 2120 CFM 19.0A (12 Volt) / 9.5 (24 Volt) 3.0kg (6.6 lb) 400 424 97

What size Thermatic® Fan do I need?

  1. Measure your radiator core dimensions (width, depth and clearance - refer diagram below) and refer to “Fan Models” to check which fan/s will fit your core.

  2. Davies Craig Thermatic® Fans are reversible (Ex: Brushless models) which means they can be mounted upstream or downstream, as illustrated below.

  3. In general, one large fan will have better airflow than two smaller fans. Where radiator is rectangular there may be no choice but to fit two smaller fans; choose the largest that can be accommodated in space available. The fan can also be mounted offset from centre to clear engine components when mounted in the downstream position.
    Note: Fans should not be fitted on opposite sides of radiator core unless these are offset such that the airflow of one is not interfering with the airflow of the other.

Fan Mounting Direction

2011_DCPL_Catalogue-15 - Fan Mounting Options.jpg