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The EBP is a brushless, high flow, magnetically driven water pump. The EBP motor has no brushes to ever wear out and the pump is magnetically driven by the motor, which means that no shaft sealing is required. There is only one moving part, the impeller, and it is floating in the coolant. The pump chamber is hermetically sealed for trouble free operation. The EBP’s ease of installation, low current draw, high flow capacity and long life makes it ideal for a range of applications.

The many EBP applications include:

• Booster for car heater and LPG systems
• Air to Water Intercoolers for Turbo cars
• Solar pump applications
• Water cooled motorcycle, Go-Kart engines
• Turbo Air/Water Intercoolers
• Household irrigation
• 4WD Caravan applications

EBP Pumps

The EBP23 or booster pump, with a maximum flow rate of 23 litres/min, is generally suited to thermosyphon- cooled cars and motorbikes, go karts, hovercrafts etc. It is ideal for improving the performance of car heaters in older cars, and is also happy to pump salt water for cooling smaller inboard boat engines. The EBP25 is a higher power version of the EBP23 (and now obsolete EBP15), with a similar range of applications (only more so...). It is particularly well suited for air-to-water intercoolers and is already used by a number of turbo/supercharger kit manufacturers. The EBP25 has been upgraded with a flow rate of 27litres/min and head of 4.5m. Biggest of the booster pumps is the EBP40, which will pump to a max head of 9 metres. This has been used to cool electric motorbike motors competing on the Isle Of Man and is being increasingly used as the go to pump for modern electric vehicle cooling systems. All the booster pumps have long-life brushless and sealed motors.

General Recommendations

EBP23 Use for thermosyphon cars, boosting car heater performance, liquid-cooled motorcycles and scooters up to 500cc, and other low powered closed-circuit cooling systems eg hovercraft, lawnmowers. Also suitable for Larger-engined motorcycles 500cc-1000cc. Air-to-water intercoolers for turbos & superchargers.

EBP25 Higher powered motorcycles and lower powered kit cars. Air-to-water intercoolers for turbos & superchargers. Significantly better flow rates than the EBP23 when resistance to flow is higher, eg with long hose runs.

EBP40 Very high powered / race motorcycles, intercoolers, solar heating systems etc

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