A bright, attractive, compact high visibility 52mm round gauge with LED digital display for mounting in the driver’s compartment.

Automatically activates single or twin fans or a fan and Electric Water Pump at your set / targeted temperature when extra cooling is required. It can also detect transmission fluid temperature.

It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator with the sensor placed in the radiator fin section or alternatively the sensor can also be placed directly into the coolant system in combination with a Temperature Sensor Adaptor Kit (Part 0409).

The kit is sold in 12 Volt configuration.

*For 24 Volt application: 2 x 24V Relays required, sold separately (Part Relay 24v)

Operating voltage 12V & 24V DC (For 24V, change of relay required)
Temperature Sensor Display Range 0° to 130°C (32° to 266°F)
Temperature Sensor Setting Range 5° to 110°C (41° to 230°F)
Temp Display Centigrade or Fahrenheit (built in dimmer with headlight trigger)
Temperature Sensor Type Can detect ambient air temp or direct coolant temp (use #0465)
Sensor Wire Length 380cm
Manual Fan Override Fans can be manually turned off.
LED Indicators Fan 1, Fan2 & A/C Operation
Alarm Audible for over temperature (5 min snooze function)
Sensor Interchangeable

Digital Thermatic Fan Switch - 52mm Gauge 1
Digital Gauge Stand 1
Wiring Loom with Temperature Probe 1
Fan Wiring Harness 2
Fuse 15 AMP 2
Fuse 30 AMP 2
Red Wire Joiner 2
Blue Wire Joiner 2
Relay - 12V 40 Amp 5 Pin 2
Blue 6mm Ring Terminal 2
Red 6mm Ring Terminal 3
Screw - Self Tapping 8X3/8 3
Temperature Probe Mounting Kit 1
Installation Instructions 1


The kit is set up for air temperature sensor application. For water / coolant applications, please read below.

It senses air temperature as it passes through the radiator and has an adjustable temperature range of 5ºC to 110ºC (41ºF to 230ºF).

The Temperature Sensor is placed in the radiator fin section as close to the hot coolant inlet as possible, no need to cut hoses or can be placed directly into the coolant system.


The sensor can also be placed directly into the coolant system.

  • Use Part 0465 for 1/4"NPT threaded sensor which can be screwed strait into the head; or
  • Use Part 0409 for radiator hose install.

The DIGITAL GAUGE THERMATIC® FAN/EWP® SWITCH must be mounted inside the vehicle’s driving compartment for easy reading and quick adjustment.

  • Convenient push-button control allows you to accurately set/target temperature for automatic activation of the Thermatic® Fan #1 and Fan #2 at independent temperatures when extra cooling is required.
  • Simple, do-it-yourself installation instructions.
  • This flexible switch can also be used to activate an Electric Water Pump and/or an Electric Booster Pump.

- There are other options on how to operate your Davies Craig Electric Water Pump, Thermatic Fan or Booster Pump which can be found here - Davies Craig Switches & Controllers