This product combines part numbers 0401 & 0409 into a convenient and economical value pack and can be used with our Thermatic Fans, Electric Water Pumps (EWP®) & Electric Booster Pumps (EBP). The mechanical switch senses the coolant temperature after it passes through the engine block prior to entering the radiator & is fitted directly into the radiator hose via the adaptor. It is adjustable from 40° to 100°C (104° to 212°F) via a simple knob. The kit comes with everything you need for a watertight and effective installation.

The Inline Sensor Adaptor simply fits into your engine’s top radiator hose. The adaptor ends for hose fitting are 35mm in size.

  • With the use of our 3mm adaptor sleeve (Included in kit), this can be increased to suit hoses from 38mm - 43mm (Part #18510)
  • With the use of our 6mm adaptor sleeve (Optional), this can be increased to suit hoses from 44mm - 52mm (Part #18511)
  • No need to squeeze the probe of the Mechanical Thermal Switch between the radiator inlet and radiator hose. This simple, economical Adaptor Kit allows easy fitting directly into the radiator hose. Just fit the probe into the compression fitting, remove about 17mm (2/3”) of radiator hose, fit the adaptor between each hose and secure the hose clamps.

    *Note: if using this switch for use with our EWP's, it will not vary the speed of the pump in response to engine temperature but rather turn the pump on and off at your set temperature. For EWP control, we would recommend the Digital Controller, part number 8002 which can manage both the EWP® and your Thermatic Electric Fans.

    24 Volt Application

    The kit is sold for 12V applications, for 24V applictions you will need to purchase a 24v relay for each electric fan.

    - There are other options on how to operate your Davies Craig Electric Water Pump, Thermatic Fan or Booster Pump which can be found here - Davies Craig Switches & Controllers

    Thermal Switch & Accessories 1
    3M White Scotch Lock 1
    Knob - For Switch 1
    In-Line Adaptor (35mm ends - hose size fitting) 1
    Hose Clamps 2
    Brass olive - 6mm 1
    Compression Fitting 1/4" (Suits 5 & 6mm Olive) 1
    Rubber Sleeves 3mm Rubber Sleeve - To increase hose fitting size upto 41mm. For hoses with ID 41mm - 51mm, 6mm Rubber sleeves are required *not in kit* 2
    Instructions 1