The EBP40 is available for purchase in following options:

The high-performance brushless, magnetically driven EBP®40 which is compact and versatile has drawn high acclaim globally for its diversity of applications. These include booster for car heater and LPG systems, solar and marine applications, water-cooled motorcycle, go-kart engines, turbo air/water intercoolers, caravans, motor homes and domestic irrigation. The EBP® is a recirculating pump which is ideal for a ‘closed system’ similar to an automotive cooling system; it is not self priming’. For optimum coolant flow control, use either of Davies, Craig Thermatic Switches (#0400, #0444 or #0500).

Operating voltage 9V - 15V DC / 21V - 27V DC
 Rated Current Draw 4.6A / 2.5A
Flow rate 37 L/min (9.77 US gal/min) @ 0 Bar
Operating temp -40° to 125°C (-10° to 257°F)
Drive Magnetic - No Seals
Pump weight 570 grams (1.25 lb)
IP Rating IP67
Burst pressure 250 kPa (36 psi)
Max Head Height 8.5 meters / 9 meters
Self Priming No, none of our pumps are self-priming
Fits hose size 19mm (3/4”)
EBP40 Booster Pump (12V) 1
Mounting Bracket 1
EBP Wiring Loom (AMP Plug) 1

Electric Booster Pump Comparison chart

Use for thermosyphon cars, boosting car heater performance, liquid-cooled motorcycles and scooters up to 500cc, and other low powered closed-circuit cooling systems eg hovercraft, lawnmowers. Also suitable for Larger-engined motorcycles 500cc-1000cc. Air-to-water intercoolers for turbos & superchargers.
Higher powered motorcycles and lower powered kit cars. Air-to-water intercoolers for turbos & superchargers. Significantly better flow rates than the EBP23 when resistance to flow is higher, eg with long hose runs.
Very high powered / race motorcycles, intercoolers, solar heating systems etc (12V & 24V)
EBP23 EBP25 EBP40 (12V) EBP40 (24V)
Operating Voltage 6v - 18v 8v - 20v 9v - 15v 21v - 27v
Rated Current 1.25A 2.1A 4.6A 2.5A
Flowrate @ 12v 23.0 L/min 27.0 L/min 37.0 L/min 37.0 L/min
Operating Temperature -40 to +120 C -40 to +120 C -40 to +120 C -40 to +120 C
Pump Weight 364 g 650 g 570 g 570 g
Height x Width x Depth (mm)excl couplers 85 x 80 x 68 120 x 105 x 75 120 x 90 x 70 120 x 90 x 70
Burst Pressure 36 psi 36 psi 36 psi 36 psi
Fits Hose sizes 3v - 15v 3v - 15v 3v - 15v 3v-15v
Suits Engine Sizes 12mm - 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
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