The EBP®25 unit defies its capacity “punching well above its size” with the exceptional features this smart brushless booster pump offers! The Brushless EBP®25 Electric Booster Pump complements the versatile Davies Craig EBP®23 and EBP®40 (litre/min) booster pumps which have drawn high acclaim nationally and globally.

This Brushless EBP®25 Electric Booster Pump will continue the excellent standing held in the turbocharger, water-to-air intercooler markets. Its compact design ensures versatility with the EBP®25 suited to a variety of automotive, solar, recreation, mobile home, marine, domestic and water reticulation applications. This booster pump can be used to enhance OEM engine cooling systems, improving coolant circulation especially in LPG conversions and greatly assisting the management of engine temperatures.

Operating voltage 8V - 20V DC
 Rated Current Draw 2.1A
Flow rate 27 L/min @ 12V
Operating temp -40° to 125°C (-10° to 257°F)
Drive Magnetic - No Seals
Pump weight 650 grams (1.43 lb)
IP Rating IP67
Burst pressure 250 kPa (36 psi)
Max Head Height 4.5 meters
Self Priming No, none of our pumps are self-priming
Fits hose size 19mm (3/4”)
EBP25 Booster Pump 1
EBP Wiring Loom (AMP Plug) 1

Electric Booster Pump Comparison chart

Use for thermosyphon cars, boosting car heater performance, liquid-cooled motorcycles and scooters up to 500cc, and other low powered closed-circuit cooling systems eg hovercraft, lawnmowers. Also suitable for Larger-engined motorcycles 500cc-1000cc. Air-to-water intercoolers for turbos & superchargers.
Higher powered motorcycles and lower powered kit cars. Air-to-water intercoolers for turbos & superchargers. Significantly better flow rates than the EBP23 when resistance to flow is higher, eg with long hose runs.
Very high powered / race motorcycles, intercoolers, solar heating systems etc (12V & 24V)
EBP23 EBP25 EBP40 (12V) EBP40 (24V)
Operating Voltage 6v - 18v 8v - 20v 9v - 15v 21v - 27v
Rated Current 1.25A 2.1A 4.6A 2.5A
Flowrate @ 12v 23.0 L/min 27.0 L/min 37.0 L/min 37.0 L/min
Operating Temperature -40 to +120 C -40 to +120 C -40 to +120 C -40 to +120 C
Pump Weight 364 g 650 g 570 g 570 g
Height x Width x Depth (mm)excl couplers 85 x 80 x 68 120 x 105 x 75 120 x 90 x 70 120 x 90 x 70
Burst Pressure 36 psi 36 psi 36 psi 36 psi
Fits Hose sizes 3v - 15v 3v - 15v 3v - 15v 3v-15v
Suits Engine Sizes 12mm - 19mm 19mm 19mm 19mm
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