The EWP80 is available for purchase in following options:

  • Pump Only (12V)
  • Kit (12V)
  • Combo with Controller (12V)
The EWP®80 Electric Water Pump and LCD EWP/Fan Digital Controller Combo – simple, do-it-yourself, easy to install, designed to complement or replace your existing belt-driven, mechanical water pump. It will fit most vehicle makes and models fitted with naturally-aspirated or turbo engines up to two litres. The revolutionary, Australian-designed EWP®80 is made from anti-corrosive, lightweight, heat-resistant, glass-filled nylon and incorporates a ceramic faced seal for long-life durability.

The EWP®80 greatly enhances engine cooling control while giving you added power and improved fuel economy. By removing the parasitic power losses of a belt-driven, mechanical water pump the EWP® can provide up to 10kW (13hp) of extra power and increased torque and used extensively in Intercooler applications.

Operating voltage 3V DC to 15V DC
 Maximum current 7.5A @ 13V
Flow rate (max) 80 L/min (21.13 US gal/min) @ 13V DC
Operating temp. -40° to 130°C (-40° to 266°F)
Pump design Clockwise centrifugal with volute chamber
Pump weight 900 grams (2.0 lb)
Pump material Nylon 66, 30% glass-filled
Burst pressure 350 kPa (50 psi)
Seal Ceramic face seal
Self Priming No, none of our pumps are self-priming
Fits hose size 32mm to 51mm (1⅜” to 2”)
Controller (#8002) Technical Specs - Here
EWP80 - Nylon 12V Assembly 1
Nylon Flange Adaptor:35mm 90° Elbow 1
Nylon Flange Adaptor:35mm Straight 1
EWP Adaptor O-Ring 2
3mm Rubber Sleeve - To increase hose fitting size upto 41mm. For hoses with ID 41mm - 51mm, 6mm Rubber sleeves are required 4
Hose Clamp 4
EWP & Fan Contoller wiring Harness 1
EWP/Fan Digital Contoller 1
Nylon In-Line Adaptor (2x¼“ NPT Holes) 1
¼“ NPT Nylon Bung 1
Thermal Coolant Sensor ¼“ NPT Thread 1
U-Type mounting bracket for Contoller 1
Mounting Plate for Contoller 1
6mm Ring Terminal (Blue) 1
Self Tap 8x3/8 BZ Screw 1
5x12 Flanged Hex Set Screw Zinc Silver 6
5x16 Flanged Hex Set Screw Zinc Silver 6

Electric Water Pump Comparison chart

Most small- and medium sized car engines, up to around 2.5 litres/200HP. The EWP80 is the most flexible pump in terms of mounting configurations.
For higher power and tuned engines in the 200-350HP range. Available with either glass-filled nylon or alloy body. The performance of the two pumps is identical, but the alloy pump can be hard mounted and so is more suitable for rough treatment eg in rally cars.
Suitable for most engines up to around 400bhp, particularly where space is tight, as it shares the EWP80’s flexibility in mounting configurations.
Suits very high powered engines, race cars, very hard-working 4x4s, many commercial vehicles etc. All EWP150s have alloy bodies.
EWP80 12v EWP115 12v / 24v EWP130 12v / 24v EWP150 12v / 24v
Operating Voltage 3v-15v / 20v-27v 3v-15v / 20v-27v 3v-15v / 20v-27v 3v-15v / 20v-24v
Max Current 7.5A 10A / 5.5A 10A / 5.5A 10A / 5.5A
Maximum Flowrate @ 13v 80 L/min 115 L/min 140 L/min 150 L/min
Operating Temperature -20 to +130 C -40 to +130C -40 to +130C -40 to +130 C
Pump Weight 900 g 980g / 1151 g 1226 g 1170 g
Height x Width x Depth (mm)excl couplers 131 x 128 x 88 plus couplers 160 x 128x 84 140 x 126 x 87 188 x 128 x 85
Burst Pressure 50 psi 72.5 psi 72.5 psi 72.5 psi
Fits Hose sizes 32mm- 51mm 38mm- 51mm or AN-16 thread 32mm - 51mm 38-51mm or AN-16 thread
Suits Engine Sizes Up to 2.5 litres 200-350HP Up to 400HP 350HP +
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