This innovative mounting solution is an expansion of the mounting options currently offered by Davies Craig and adds a new dimension to the technique by which EWP® customers can secure their remote-mounted pump

The Electric Water Pump (EWP®) Mounting Plate offers a discrete, lightweight and space-saving mounting solution for the remote-mounted EWP®115 Alloy, EWP®130, EWP®140 & EWP®150 Alloy models.

This beautifully finished, black anodised aluminium plate offers superior mounting flexibility and adaptability greatly assisting with a preferred soft-mounting solution for the EWP® by providing rubber ‘cotton reel style’ dampeners, isolating the pump from vibration.

This latest EWP® Mounting Plate accessory gives EWP® customers yet another excellent, flexible option when it comes to installing their pump. Davies Craig has always acknowledged the lightweight remote-mount EWP® range can be self-supporting while connected to the coolant hose along with a wide variety of supercharger/turbocharger applications, however this gives a secure way of mounting the pump whilst protecting it from the engine vibrations


  • For older model EWP150 housings, you may need a 4mm (5/32”) drill bit to carefully drill the 5 holes around the perimeter of the housing to allow bolts to fit.
  • For the EWP115 Alloy you will need longer M4 bolts, Part number 8711 (supplied eparately)
  • *Not suitable for EWP80 & Nylon EWP115

    Round Bracket 1
    Rubber Bushes 5
    Allen Head Bolts 5
    Washers 5
    Nuts 5