Davies Craig has designed an innovative EWP Block Adapter to suit the General Motors LS1 Series family of engines. These iconic V8 engines are fast becoming the engine of choice for their lightweight and power. Now, the addition of the Davies Craig Electric Water Pump Block Adapter Kit, coupled to one of the Electric Water Pump Combo Kits will free up the parasitic power loss inherent with mechanical water pumps.

If your belt-driven, mechanical water pump has a mechanical fan, you will need to replace it with a Davies Craig Thermatic Fan..

If you’ve purchased one of the EWP® Electric Water Pump Combo Kits, then your EWP/Fan Digital Controller has a built-in thermal switch that will control an electric Thermatic Fan in unison with your new Electric Water Pump.

When choosing your fan, remember that a strong air flow, Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) through your engine’s radiator is the one vital factor that helps achieve efficient engine cooling. Ensure the electric Thermatic Fan you select has sufficient air flow, (CFM).

Installation Video

Hose clamps, WH 5
LS Gasket 2
LS Adapter Plate (Left) 1
LS Adapter Plate (Right) 1
Silicon T-Hose 1
Silicon Y-Hose 1
Heater Hose Return Fitting 2
Heater Hose Return Adapter 2
Stud 1
Nut 1
Bolts 5
In-line Adapter 1
Alternator Bracket 1
Belt 1
Alternator Tensioner Bolt, Nut Washers 1