The 1129 was designed to convert the 1” NPT female thread in the inlet and outlet of Davies Craig pumps built before 2014 to a male AN-16 All pumps after 2014 were made with a female AN-16 thread. For Davies Craig pumps built before 2014, part number 1129 will work to convert from 1”NPT to AN-16 For Davies Craig pumps built after 2014, part number 1129 can be used to convert from AN-16 to 1” NPT

The Davies Craig Alloy Adaptor can be used with the EWP115 & EWP150 Alloy Pumps. Ideal for fitment to either the inlet or outlet of your Alloy EWP, this Adaptor offers greater flexibility and assists with more position options when fitting a Davies Craig Electric Water Pump to your vehicle. The use of this adaptor will increase the number positioning opportunities and assist you maintain unrestricted coolant flow.

1” NPT to AN-16 Dual Male Adaptor 1