This kit is designed to attach either two Davies Craig Thermatic Fans from the range of 8 inch to 14 inch or a single 16 inch fan.

The Dual Fan Mounting Bracket Kit offers the freedom to pre-assemble the fans outside the engine bay. It also provides flexible positioning of the complete assembly on to the radiator without the need to connect through the radiator core.

Length 760mm
Weight 2.15Kg (4.7 lbs)
Height with 8" Fan 221mm
Height with 9" Fan 252mm
Height with 10" Fan 288mm
Height with 12" Fan 300mm
Height with 14" Fan 360mm
Height with 16" Fan 410mm
Metal Bracket 2
M5 x 16 Hex Flangeed Screw 8
M5 Square Nut 8
Instructions 1