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EBP BThe electric booster pump (EBP) is the smallest in the Davies Craig family of 12-volt water pumps. With its high flow capacity, specially designed hermetic seal and robust magnetic drive, the EBP is the ideal product for a variety of pumping applications.

As shown in the Specifications, the EBP is compact and lightweight, less than 100mm long and weighing only 245g, so installation can be particularly easy. It is also a very reliable pump,  with sealed motor bearings on a brushless motor, and total segregation between the motor and the water chamber.

Manufactured for Davies Craig by Bosch, the EBP has been developed to meet many automotive applications, and can be installed for either continuous or intermittent running. Like all Davies Craig products it has a 2-year warranty.  Applications include:

  • Introduction of pumped coolant circulation to thermo-syphon engined cars. Modern traffic conditions and hotter-burning modern petrol can lead to overheating, which extra coolant flow will cure.
  • For the same reasons, replacement of the original water pump on a number of smaller-engined older cars, and also installation to assist the operation of the mechanical pump on some older cars, up to approx 1250cc.
  • Water-cooled motorcycle engines in bikes, trikes and kit cars.
  • Vehicle heating systems. The EBP reduces heater warm-up time and increases water flow directly from the cylinder head to the heater core, giving increased heat even after engine shutdown.
  • When an EWP is fitted to LPG-powered vehicles, an EBP should be used to ensure water flow through the gas converter manifold, and so reduce the risk of the LPG injector freezing up.
  • Go kart and hovercraft engine cooling systems.
  • Boats (including salt water cooling systems), caravans and motorhomes.
  • Solar heating systems.
  • Although designed to work at 12-volts, the EBP will work on considerably lower voltages, and will produce a useful output on 6-volt systems.

Pump Control Options

ebp_hand_large_102  Because of its low current consumption, no relay is required, and control of the pump is simple. It can be achieved in three ways: Using a simple switch, which can be for example the vehicle heater switch. The pump operates when required, under manual control. The simple switch could also be the vehicle’s ignition switch, so that eg on a thermo-syphon engine or an LPG-powered vehicle the EBP runs all the time that the ignition is turned on.     The second method is to use a thermatic switch such as the Davies Craig model 0401. This method is used when the EBP is installed to assist an existing mechanical pump. Have a look at the Switches page for more info. The third method is to use Davies Craig’s electronic controller.  This option should be considered if the EBP is the sole cooling pump, and the volume of coolant circulation needs to be controlled to match the engine’s varying cooling needs - for example in a road going motorcycle or trike. A race bike would probably have the pump running continuously.  The Controller page has lots of details.


Click for EBP Installation Instructions

Fitting an EBP is generally very straightforward. It arrives with a kit of parts, which comprise two short lengths of connecting hose and four jubilee clips, an electrical wiring harness, and a pair of adaptors. The pump’s inlet and outlet connectors are 20mm diameter, and the included adaptors allow this size to be reduced down to 16mm or 12mm.  The pump is lightweight  and can be supported by the hoses it connects to if convenient, or by a simple bracket or loop tie if required.

A short EBP (pump and cable only) is also available when the adaptors aren’t required.

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